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Malcolm has been working in the building industry for over 45 years, and most of that time has been spent in and around St Agnes, his hometown.  He started his working life as an apprenticed carpenter with a large Newquay based Company, where he learnt and fine tuned his skills working on large projects and was eventually in charge of carpenters on site.  By his mid twenties Malcolm decided he wanted to run his own business, and so in 1973

Malcolm R Carveth Builders became a reality and he hasn't looked back.


For the past 18 years Malcolm has split his time between the building business, and his work as a Funeral Director. As the funeral business has grown Daniel has taken on the running of the building company and Malcolm now spends his time running the funeral directors.


In his spare time Malcolm is a keen singer and part of the Holman Climax Male Voice Choir.  He is partial to the odd meal out, and enjoys travels around Europe and sometimes further afield!  Being from St Agnes, Malcolm has a particular affinity to the village and surrounding areas.


Daniel joined Malcolm in 1990 as an apprenticed carpenter, working part-time while studying at Cornwall College.  Since this time Daniel has worked for, and then alongside Malcolm gaining experience and knowledge.  Daniel is a particularly talented carpenter; skills he uses on a daily basis and also an accomplished mason.


Daniel has taken on an increased amount of the responsibility for the Building business, as Malcolm divides his time between Building and Funeral Directing.


In days gone by Daniel was a keen football player, playing for St Agnes and Truro teams.  These days he has three children and not a lot of free time!

Malcolm and his son Daniel are a successful father and son team who make up the family business and between them, they have a wealth of experience and expertise.

Malcolm and Daniel were born and brought up in St Agnes, giving them both a particular affinity and extensive knowledge of the village and surrounding areas. Their work is a reflection of this, with buildings and extensions that compliment and add character.


In the background, but no less important, is Janet who runs their office and handles their general enquiries.



Janet works behind the scenes, answering the telephone and dealing with the clerical side of the business

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